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True Smiles Vision

We have a dynamic practice with engaged patients and staff. We enjoy coming to work everyday, because we know we are all valued and we are making a difference in the lives of patients.
We work as a team, with high awareness of individual responsibilities and performance, we treat each other with respect and have healthy levels of constructive conflict managed towards growth. When we have something to say, we speak up, discuss and keep going without grudges or bad attitudes. When we make mistakes, we acknowledge them, apologize and offer both an immediate and a long term solution to prevent it from happening again.
We feel proud of being detail oriented and taking the extra step, like redoing an impression until it is perfect, to deliver great quality dentistry. We do not over treat, nor undertreat and recommend treatment based on patient needs not financial needs. Our patients are clear about their financial commitment and we are transparent in our financial policies. We care about the financial health of the practice.
We provide outstanding customer service to our patients and we connect with them at a personal level, their story is important to us.
Our Patients feel valued and treated with Respect. They understand the value of our services and are appreciative of our direct and clear communication with them. They perceive all our team members as honest and feel confident in our treatment. They rave about our customer service to friends and family and spread the word about a great office that is worth the investment. Our patients appreciate our follow up on their treatment needs. Our case acceptance is high and our finances healthy.

True Smiles Core Purpose

To improve the lives of Team members and patients by empowering them to leadhealthy, fulfilling lives. Providing high quality dentistry and high quality workatmosphere.

True Smiles Core Values

We Produce High Quality Dentistry:

We believe in quality in everything we do: We hold ourselves to the highest technical standards so we can deliver dentistry that improves patients' lives from the biological and esthetic point of view. We put the patient's treatment and emotional needs first and we treat them with respect. We rely on different specialists so our patients can have the best treatment available . Our patients feel valued and comfortable with our staff. They understand we offer them the best treatment options available and feel confident and informed when choosing from the options presented. Patients perceive and appreciate the value of our Dentistry. We have established reliable and reproducible systems that allow us to be consistent and precise.

We are Committed to Results:

We are committed to success. We are committed to our personal success and team success. We understand and acknowledge that in order to be effective we focus on the completion of our individual tasks first, and other team duties second. We want to succeed as a team by giving our best performance consistently. We are not perfect and we feel comfortable accepting our mistakes and asking for help. We respect each other, trust each other, hold each other accountable and recognize healthy conflict as the first step towards a healthy organization. We act like adults. We focus on solutions. We focus on the positive.

We Deliver Extraordinary Customer Service:

Extraordinary patient experience (customer service). We host our patients in our office so they feel treated and valued as a person not a number. They have an amazing experience because we connect with them at a personal level, learn about their stories and then about their teeth. We explain everything in detail and are very HONEST and transparent regarding treatment recommendations and finances. Patients know what to expect and are financially prepared to assume the cost of treatment. We communicate effectively and behave professionally.

We care about our Team’s Wellbeing:

Professional, personal, financial and social advancement of our team members is of utmost importance to our company. Their success in those areas leads to the success of our company. We understand that we all have personal lives outside of the office that require flexibility and we are happy to provide it to our Team members. We respect each other’s space outside of the practice and encourage Work-Life balance. Our team members enjoy coming to work and are committed to the success of the practice.

We are Always Learning and Improving:

We are always looking for ways to make things better. Even if they are working just fine. We have self motivated team members who fuel their initiative and curiosity on a daily basis. We are very appreciative of the many good characteristics we have as a company, as a team and as individuals and we understand we are in a changing environment that requires constant adaptation. We are open to change even if it means breaking habits and creating new ones in order to reach the best outcome. We want Awesome!

More About Us

Learn more about our practice and discover what makes us unique.
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